Thursday, February 21, 2008

I just cut my hair in the hotel bathroom
i think i just gave myself a mullet

I look like Biilie Ray Flintstone


Anonymous said...

for the love of god pay someone to cut your hair. you can not cut your own hair. ha! seriously dude. respect that shit and pay some money. the only haircut you know how to give is a mullet. I bet the bathroom in the hotel is covered in hair. poor cleaning lady.

John Nico and Django said...

not only was the bathroom a mess
but i was in the room while she cleaned it

I said im sorry in spanish and i gave her three dollars

Anonymous said...

what did giving her three dollars do? That can't even buy a pack of smokles. Cheap east coast hippie. I hope she called you "castro" under her breath.

jay bev said...

Is the result of the haircut of such a freakish nature that you can't post a picture of it on A LIVE BLOG?

jrs said...

pics or it's not true