Friday, June 27, 2008

Its my birthday

Get busy
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hi Everyone

its ben a while but weve ben real busy on the house
May was a great month
weve ben real busy on the 2nd floor
and we got a lot of help from our friends

we were supposed to be done on June 1st
but ...
were not. so we got an extension till labor day

the septic field is going in
our plumbing is complete
and we should be done on the 2nd floor any day now

havin fun at Tavi's B-day
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Django is still getting the hang of cold things
he doesnt eat them
as much as he puts them close to his tongue

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WATER !!!!

this is not an illusion
or a ripley believe it or not museum

we actually have water

its still hard to believe
we built this from the ground up
and now it has water runnning thru it
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Itss hard to tell from this photo
but this machine is sitting on
33 trucks of enginnered fill that
was trucked in

the whole septic field is three feet higher
than before

the good news is that this will be a great volleyball field
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window trim

i feel like ive been trimmimng out these windows

almost done
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Unle Chris and Uncle David came up
and helped with the guest room

thanks guys
we really appreciate the help

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