Wednesday, July 23, 2008

UNcle greg came up and we built a temp stair case out back
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Building a temporary entry way

Its hot and and now marty wants to strangle me
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]Getting ready to put in newel post

Newel and railing
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quick up date

electric is DONE!!!
we had a walk thruand at first all was good
then right at the end they told us we have to foam
and parge the foundation

Something else to learn
parge ?
it doesnt sound like its going to be fun

we basically have to stucco all the exposed foundaton


Other than that all seems to be on track for moving in Sept 1st

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Django's Class Picture
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Heres the septic approval from the Board of Health
This is for all the doubters
who told us we couldnt get it

If you look closely they use the word maybe
in describing wheter its sufficient
Its like Bueracratic Mad Libs

Board of Idiots is more like it
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Hi Everybody

So much has happened in the las few weeks

Dick completed the septic field
which wasnt with out its own drama

When the Board of Health came to the site to inspect the work
the drawings they had from the engineer were different from the ones we built off of
meaning the engineer sent us drawings then later revised them and sent them to the B of H
and not to us.
Luckily oly a small change had to be made
ANd then last Thusday we recieved th approvala from the Bof H
This was huge
We were really excited
All during he 2 years we waited before we built was because we didnt think we could do something that would eventuallly be approved.
And then after all that they build it wrong.

Oh brother
anyway thats all in the past
so come on over and use our toilet

Martin was here for a few days and we built a wall in the basement and put up the railing
Were trying to resolve all the safety issues like stairs and handrails

So all seems on track for us to move in Sept 1st

Django loves his bedroom

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