Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heres'a piece by Albert Paley
Its in Asheville so we went over to check it out

Albert told me a story that when it was erected
outside some municipal building

alot of people got upset by it
He said that he went down to unveal it and give a speech
and the people who organized he event told him they had to rent
a larger hall to fit the like 500 upset ashvillites
He went down and spoke before an unruly crowd
xplained the process and how his work evolved to this point .
He told me he won some over

When i was working ona similar piece in FLOrida people were driving by me
yelling at me that it was ugly and cursing at me
Two electricians showed up and told me they were talking about it on the morning radio station
I was there alone
and when albert showed up for the unveiling they provided him with two police escorts
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