Thursday, February 28, 2008

Django inFlorida

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congrats Diablo Cody on her Oscar win

Our Friend Karyn is directing her next film
"Jennifer's Body" ( great Hole song)

Good luck guys
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Sandy and Phil's

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Artie and I stopped in Maryland two see
Sandy and Phil Loiterstein

There old friends of nico and her family
They have a great home in Chevy chase

Sandy is a very talented pianist and a fan of the blog
Phil is a wonderful artist
heres one of his paintings

Phil was telling me that his nephew's son is in a popular band
i said really?
do you know their name and he said Yeah

" Vampire Weekend "
I was like what?????
He told me he remembered going to his barmitzva
and hearing his band play

Boys becoming Men
Men becoming Vampires
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Heres'a piece by Albert Paley
Its in Asheville so we went over to check it out

Albert told me a story that when it was erected
outside some municipal building

alot of people got upset by it
He said that he went down to unveal it and give a speech
and the people who organized he event told him they had to rent
a larger hall to fit the like 500 upset ashvillites
He went down and spoke before an unruly crowd
xplained the process and how his work evolved to this point .
He told me he won some over

When i was working ona similar piece in FLOrida people were driving by me
yelling at me that it was ugly and cursing at me
Two electricians showed up and told me they were talking about it on the morning radio station
I was there alone
and when albert showed up for the unveiling they provided him with two police escorts
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Hey everybody

Srory we cut out over the weekend
but some hacker ( probably fron the wi-fi at the hotel)
left a crazy comment
when i clicked on it my computer when crazy and started scanning for virus
It happened to Jay also

There were like 200 people n the hotel wi-fi
oh well

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Friday, February 22, 2008

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The Poor Maid
Day 2

Today i mixed grout
and added dry pigment to it in the bathroom

I then grouted a small table
A hotel bathroom is a great place to do work like this
itsa ful of towels and you really dont have to clean that well

at least the grout is proably easier to clean than wet hair

This is arties repro both
he was having trouble getting his pots done in time
but he put some lamps together
and with the addition of Raina's scarves
the booth really came together

People seem to really love
his new stuff

Maybe he'l cheer up
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this post is for raina

Hey Raina
check it out
i went and got a silver peg board at lowes
and some hooks and lights

They look great
your dad sold one already

Tommorow im going to wear your tie
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Cool Mondriany eye glass store
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I got to drive around today
im usually stuck at the show

Asheville is a really cool town its kinda like a smaller philly
except everyone talks like Cleatus

I ate here today
I had an amazing sangwich
iwas crying
tears of joy
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Hipster Olympics

From Uncle Greg

was this filmed in Williamsburg or Philly
i cant tel

I just cut my hair in the hotel bathroom
i think i just gave myself a mullet

I look like Biilie Ray Flintstone

view out our room
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look out Hoagie Dip

sea navy droppn some recipe yo

(it would be a lot cooler if it was animated)
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Hey ya'll
were live blogging from North Carolina
all week

artie and I are at the Grove Park Inn
for a weekend of arts and crafts MAYHEM

stay tuned

( thanks to jay c for the graphic
it loooks like im going to a Hootie and the Blowfish concert
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Monday, February 18, 2008

the !st floor stairs are moving along well
i pushed the measuremnets( rise and run)
right to the allowed limit
so we could have as much room at the foot and at the top landing as possible
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Mama loves her kitchen
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