Wednesday, September 03, 2008

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jrs said...

Thems some fine lookin' sturrs. They look really smooooth and oiled beautifully.

arail said...

Nice looking stairs!
You should plan a weekend in late September or early October, before it gets cold, to have 3 friends come up to do the outside of the house.
I'm available. Rent a scaffold, get the material delivered before the weekend. Have everyone show up on a Thursday evening. Work Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We could get it done.

John Nico and Django said...

who are you

arail said...

Sorry, it's alex of alex and oona and kevin.

John Nico and Django said...

We would love the help and the company...lets talk more.

arail said...

I have long since lost your phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

My email is:

Send me all the stuff - address up there, phone number, email address, etc. and let's talk and see if we can set something up for a weekend of work.