Friday, May 16, 2008

Merben Movie theatre

Name that intersection


Anonymous said...

this one is easy. merben movie theatre was not at a intersection it was somewhat in the middle of the block closer to princeton ave. then unruh ave. it was on the 7000 block of frankford ave.when the movie theatre closed what took it place? can you say ------- ballroom.

jaycox said...

Built in 1946, the Devon has had many ups and downs over the years. It was one of the last of dozens of single-screen theaters erected in the city during the golden era of Hollywood.

Its contemporaries along the Frankford Avenue corridor included the Mayfair, at Frankford and Cottman avenues, and the Merben, at Frankford and Princeton avenues. Nowadays, a Thrift Drug sits on the former site of the Mayfair. The old Merben parcel is a parking lot.

John Nico and Django said...

But your both wrong

Jay im not sure what your talking about . The Devon is NOT the Merben

Dad you were close but
The answer we were looking for was Frankford between Princeton Ave and Brighton St.