Wednesday, July 04, 2007


We lost one of the great voices of the 20th century on Mon
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Beverly Sills
She relly gets goin around 1:10
Bravo Bravo

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jaycox said...

The Hold Steady -- The Swish

pills and powders baby. powders and pills. we spent the night last night in beverly hills. there was this chick that looked like beverly sills. we got killed. tights and skirts baby. skirts and tights. we used to shake it up in shaker heights. there was this chick she looked like patty smythe. she seemed seemed shaky but nice.

she said my name is rick danko but people call me one-hour photo. i've got some hazardous chemicals. drive around to the window. she said my name is robbie robertson but people call me robo. i blew red white and blue right into a tissue. i came right over the counter just to kiss you.

ginger and jack and four or five feminax. psycho eyes and a stovepipe hat. a ray of light in white rayon slacks. we got cracked. shoes and socks baby. socks and shoes. we spent the night last night in newport news. this chick she looked just like elizabeth shue. we got bruised.

she said my name is steve perry but people call me circuit city. she said my name's neil schon but some people call me nina simone. some people call me andre cymone. i've survived the 80s one time already. and i don't recall them all that fondly.

i did a couple favors for some guys who looked like tuscan raiders.