Saturday, June 23, 2007

Its Saturday and alot has happened in the last two days
The forms were taken of revealing the basement
they did a great job on the walls.

James and i spent the day smashing rocks
and leveling the floor.

It was like been captured by the Others

Dad came up from Philly
and got to the task of cutting the foam for the floor
I knew with him it would be nice and tight

Nico and Dad laid out the metal
and we started laying the tubing

Special Shout out to our neighbor Scott
Scott designed the pattern for the tubing
and had a lot of helpful advice

We got it all done and are quite pleased with ourselves

Lets see if it works


Anonymous said...

Carol and Joe think it looks amazing, can't believe how much you've accomplished in such a short time.
Keep on truckin!!!!!!!!!!!

Gia said...

I'm stuck in Atlanta on business, and seeing these photos and reading about the progress of your home-building is making me feel so much more human and like myself (are those mutually exclusive?). You need to give me a project for the next time I come up. Or, you need to wean Django so you can leave him with me and Aunt Raina for a weekend in Brooklyn so both of you can work without needing to keep an eye on the munchkin. Can't wait to see you and the house in person!!
Love and kisses.