Monday, May 15, 2006

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j & n said...

in the right light
you can see the halo

jaycox said...

Local man discovers the "flashlight/E.T finger trick" works with baby as well.

John Cox of High Falls, NY has always thought it was "cool" to put place his finger on a small flashlight and his finger would light up similar to character E.T. in the movie of the same name. During last weeks power outage Mr.Cox was holding his baby and a small flashlight. On a hunch Mr. Cox placed the flashlight up against the back of his six month old's head and was amazed that the child's head light up just like his finger. The child's mother was not available for comment.

Martin Cugini said...

Here we see a rare photo of Kal-el as his father, Jor-el, places him in a crystal space pod to escape the red sun of his doomed home planet Krypton. Is this the child that will save mankind?

Jennifer Toth said...

Still photo from local, all baby performance of "The Blair Witch Project".
"As adorable as it is terrifying!"
Peter Travers-Rolling Stone